We offer cooperation to advertising agencies

Join us and find out why restaurants around the world use our table and reservation management system.

What are the advantages of working with Hostme?

By becoming Hostme partner, you will be able to resell Hostme app to your customers and receive compensation for it. And also set up the client's advertising campaigns for clear KPIs for restaurants.

News and Promotions

Facebook Instagram, your customers will be able to accept reservations directly from Google Maps and on Search, Facebook, Instagram, or your website without intermediaries and for free.

Demo account

You will be able to analyze the customer base in our system, as well as send new customers to your mailing service by setting up the appropriate trigger letters for them.

Premium technical support

In our system, you will be able to analyze restaurant reservations (the number of reservations month to month, % of refusals from armor, the average customer check, the share of armor in the total landing).

Marketing and training

In our system, you will be able to track from which source the reservation came, including reservations by phone.

Access to tech team

With our system, you will be able to receive feedback from customers by setting up appropriate emails/SMS.

Types of cooperation



of the payment amount

Sales of less than $695 in the previous 12 months.



of the payment amount

Sales from $695 to $2 782 for the previous 12 months.



of the payment amount

Sales above $2 782 in the previous 12 months.

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Hostme reseller program

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